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IM New Music Picks: 11/21

IDLES Crawler

Idles are BACK. And they are still really pissed off, lucky for us.


Curtis Harding If Words Were Flowers

Curtis Harding’s latest is topical without being irrationally angry, classic without sounding old, uplifting without being sappy. It’s soulful, groovy, and it’s on constant rotation here at IM.


Kills Birds Married

This LA punk trio caught the attention of Dave Grohl who invited them to record their second album at his very own studio. The critics seem pretty taken with it.

"Cough Up Cherries"

Robert Plant & Alison Krauss Raise The Roof

Robert Plant has teamed up once again with Alison Krauss for a new collection of cover songs, produced by T. Bone Burnett. This performance was streamed globally from the Sound Emporium Studios in Nashville.

"Searching For My Love"

The Acharis

Blue Sky / Grey Heaven

The Shoegaze (yes, that’s a genre) duo from Oakland has released a full-length follow-up to 2017’s debut EP, Lost in the Vortex. They remain captives in their dark and fuzzy whirlwind of sound.

"False Positive"

Portico Quartet


UK’s Portico Quartet fuses elements of jazz, electronica, and ambient music. Its latest release tones down the ambient in favor of more electronica and percussion to create its sonic textures.



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