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Altered States:

From the remains of several long-time North Jersey groups, Altered States was forged. The new metal group is made of veterans Ryan Lipynsky on guitar and lead vocals (Unearthly Trance, Serpentine Path, Green Dragon), Zack Kurland on bass and vocals (Sweet Diesel, Green Dragon), and Chris Daly on drums (Ressurection, 108, Texas Is the Reason, High Disciple). The band member’s paths had crisscrossed over the years, and the convergence into a trio was probably inevitable.

Metal trio Altered States

Speaking to No Echo, Daly described the band’s formation. “‘We discussed specific sounds and certain bands as kind of a mission statement, but once we got in the rehearsal room together, it started to sound like something altogether different. It was heavy, but also had a heavy “groove” to it, which I think is a signature you will hear in a lot of our music, moving forward.’"

The sound is definitely heavy as the group’s debut EP Dark Crossroads makes clear. Future plans for a full-length release and live appearances are in the works. In the meantime, play it loud.

More on Spotify.

Dark Crossroads is available on Bandcamp. Follow Altered States on Facebook.


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