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July 2023

Kristine England

July 30, 2023

Ravi Shankar

Shankar Family And Friends (Reissue)

The brilliant Ravi Shankar recorded the bulk of this record in Los Angeles in 1973 with family and friends. It marks the first time George Harrison produced a studio recording with him (he also lent his guitar talents under the name Hari Georgeson). It was released on Harrison’s Dark Horse records in 1974. The project was a fusion of Indian and Western music. Dark Horse’s reissue is available as a CD or orchid-colored vinyl.

FEATURED TRACK: "Music for A Ballet - Dawn"

The Rolling Stones

Metamorphosis (Vinyl Reissue)

Metamorphosis is a collection of outtakes, demos, and rarities by the Stones, originally released in 1975 and reissued on 180-gram vinyl. The album cover is a nod to the famous Franz Kafka work of the same name. It includes the orchestrated version of “Out of Time,” which really doesn’t work. Judge for yourself.



Lovesexy (and more) Vinyl Reissue

Warner Brothers is continuing its Prince reissue series (ongoing throughout 2023). This month, three were made available (For You, Lovesexy, and Come) are out this week on 150-gram vinyl. Apparently WB didn’t find it in their hearts to give fans colored vinyl (picture discs would have been even better, but alas).

FEATURED TRACK: "Alphabet St."

Richard Wright

Wet Dream (Reissue)

The first of Pink Floyd keyboardist Wright’s two solo albums was originally released in 1978. Guitarist Snowy White, who would go on to play as guest guitarist on Pink Floyd’s and Roger Waters’ lives shows, makes an appearance as well. While the record flew largely under the radar at the time, Floyd freaks are now treated to a reissue that’s been given a stereo remix, previously unreleased material, and new artwork. The LP has been pressed on blue marble vinyl.

FEATURED TRACK: "Drop In from the Top"

Garrett Saracho

En Medio (Vinyl Reissue)

Back in 1973, pianist Saracho was an emerging talent that seemed perfect for the times. He infused jazz with funk (all the rage in the jazz world back then) and Afro-Cuban percussion for his debut album. Despite earning a five-star review from Down Beat, En Medio didn’t attract much attention. Saracho left the scene for many years to work in the film industry. Hopefully, this reissue will bring renewed awareness to his artistry.

FEATURED TRACK: “Rose for a Lady”

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