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February 2024

Kristine England

February 29, 2024

Paul McCartney & Wings

Band on the Run

Paul McCartney’s fifth album after the dissipation of the Beatles, and his third with Wings, Band on the Run was released in late 1973. Though sales got off to a slow start, the record gained momentum to eventually become a top-seller. It's considered to be the album where McCartney found his post-Fab Four footing, propelled by critical acclaim and two hit singles, “Jet” and the title track. The cover was designed Hipgnosis. The vinyl was cut at half speed using a high-resolution transfer of the original master tapes.

FEATURED TRACK: “Band on the Run”

The Who


The Who’s “rock opera,” Quadrophenia is the band’s sixth studio album and contains my favorite song by the group (“5:15”).  The story follows the trials and redemption of Jimmy the Mod. Encompassing four themes to illustrate Jimmy’s different facets, the themes also mirrored members of the band (“Bell Boy” - Moon,  “Helpless Dancer”  - Daltrey, - “Is It Me?” - Entwistle, and of course, "Love Reign O'er Me" - Townshend).  Critics were effusive in their praise, and the album soared to #2 in the US and UK. Townshend now considers  Quadrophenia The Who’s last great album by the Who (and he’s right). The reissues were remastered by “superior vinyl cut” half speed mastering.


The Who

The Who By Numbers

The Who’s next release also gets the half-speed mastering treatment for its reissue.  Released in 1975, the album made a lot of Top 10 lists (and Roger Daltry cites it as his favorite) and includes the hit single “Squeeze Box.”  Interestingly, the album also features a song the band didn’t seem to agree upon. "Dreaming from the Waist" is apparently Townshend’s least favorite song to perform live while it was one of Entwistle’s favorites. The Who by Numbers was engineered and produced by the great Glyn Johns.


Sam Cooke

Sam Cooke’s SAR Records Story 1959 – 1965

A four-LP collection of work from Sam Cooke’s own label, The SAR Records Story 1959-1965 has been issued on vinyl for the first time. Featuring unreleased demos from Cooke and work from other groups on the label, the set also includes The Soul Stirrers, Bobby Womack’s Valentinos, R.H. Harris & His Gospel Paraders, Billy Preston, and more. The reissue contains a Wide-Spine Gatefold Jacket and 12-Page Booklet with Essay by Peter Guralnick.

FEATURED TRACK: “You Send Me (demo)”

The Cult


First, they were Southern Death Cult, then Death Cult. The band finally simplified the name, and the Cult, issued its first album, Dreamtime, in 1984. Many songs were inspired by stories of native cultures in the US and Australia, and the music was a departure from the group’s earlier goth incarnations. The single “Spirtwalker” hit number one on the  UK Independent Singles Chart. For the 40th anniversary of the record, Dreamtime has been reissued in oxblood and black vinyl editions.

FEATURED TRACK: “Spiritwalker”

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