Steak to Celebrate 30th Anniversary

If Steak hasn't been a part of your world, Indispensable Music is about to rectify that. Members of the "Not-the-Greatest but Really Solid in Its Own way" Generation (X), Steak was and is composed of some cool guys who are a really good time and play some damn good songs.

Songs like:

Steve McQueen *

and ...

"Big Bear"

... and others like "I Am a Beast" (possibly autobiographical), "Second to the Bottle" (a tragic tale), "Like Me" (an anthem for people who need it), and "Near Arm Far Ankle Breakdown" (which I may never fully understand, and that's ok.).

Fun Fact: Bryan Cox was in the Super Troopers movies ( the dulcet tones of "Big Bear" are featured on both soundtracks of the saga), X2 (the best X-Men movie), "Deadwood" (Editor: the second-best TV show of all time -- do not argue with me), and "Succession," which most people with discerning taste consider the greatest show on TV at the moment (that finale! WTF? Really, Mom?). The range of that man is astonishing. All hail Bryan Cox!

*Steak spokesman John Pancaldo (who has been known to be also known as Jack Grace) has confirmed: Steve McMcQueen vid has the original costumes from the movie Papillon and the stunt driver from the Dukes Of Hazzard.