IM New Music Picks - 02/22

Los Bitchos

Let The Festivities Begin!

This female foursome of “Bitchos” is a really good time! The London quartet “produced a record that is “ retro, wide-reaching, and as festive as the title promises...we coast on vibes and guitar licks, navigating a surf-rock odyssey by way of Argentine cumbia, Peruvian chicha, and Turkish psych.” (Pitchfork)


Cult of Luna

The Long Road North

The Long Road North is dark and heavy in all the right ways, offering “an arduous yet rewarding journey into post-metal majesty.” (Louder/Hammer)

"Into the Night"



The latest soundscapes from Italian “sound-artist” Marco Billi could lull you into a higher state of consciousness, if you’re ready.



I Just Want To Be Wild For You

This is song is certainly relatable as the global societies have coped with two years of isolation. And the chorus is beautiful.


Star One

Revel In Time

The brainchild of prog-metal maestro Arjen Anthony Lucassen, Star One offers songs so commanding, there are two discs of the same tunes with different vocalists. The sound is massive and glorious. Singer Brandon Yeagley, featured on this track, is a powerhouse.

The Delines

The Sea Drift

A group of real people making music you’d want to hear in your favorite neighborhood joint every Saturday night, playing “11 songs of a romantic, Southern country-soul bent.” (Uncut)

"Past The Shadows"

Anna Laura Quinn

Open the Door

This New Orleans-based vocalist sounds like a classic jazz chanteuse. Her voice could melt the hardest heart.

"Open the Door"

Erin Rae

Lighten Up

Rae’s smooth vocals and classic country sound guide listeners through an introspective album.

"Modern Woman"