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Ode to a High Flying Bird

Kristine England

Dec 27, 2021


In 1960 drummer Charlie Watts was a student in art school, a drummer, and a huge fan of jazz. One of his favorite artists was the legendary saxophonist Charlie "Bird" Parker.  He wrote and illustrated a whimsical children's book depicting Parker's life. 

His life would change dramatically in a few short years when he joined a group of young upstarts who had formed a rhythm and blues band in London. That band was the Rolling Stones, and Charlie went on to become one of the greatest and most respected rock drummers of all time. 

In 1965 he was able to publish Ode to a High Flying Bird. The simple drawings and hand-written text is a fascinating peek into an aspect of this quiet and brilliant man that I've admired most of my life.

"One from Charlie"

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