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IM's Best of 2022

Kristine England

Dec 15, 2022


Indispensable Music's first full year has been an exciting one, discovering incredible new music from artists culled from a variety of genres, it's great to look back, listen, and buy! With the end of the year approaching, IM offers the obligatory Best Of lists. IM is looking forward to what the new year has to offer.

New Music Monday is a joint partnership with Rosie G. from playMymusic.FM. Each week, I send her several songs to choose from. playMYmusic.FM is a strictly indie affair: no major labels or distribution companies. Her goal is to showcase indie musicians from around the globe in all genres. She likes it even better when they mix more than one musical style in their work. Here are my Top 10 favorites for 2022. If you're curious how the favorites diverged, take a look at Rosie G.'s picks here.

Best IM's Monthly Picks are culled from the remaining songs that were not chosen or artists that are on major labels (IM has no restrictions -- I just have to like it). 

"Hitchin' a Ride"

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