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Count Me In Review

Kristine England

Sep 4, 2021


Count Me In is a Netflix documentary made for and by fans of American and British rock music. Even with interviews from multi-generations of drummers, live footage, and examinations of a handful of greats like Ginger Baker, Keith Moon, John Bonham, Charlie Watts, and Roger Taylor (Queen), it lacks the depth of a serious exploration of the “connection” it purports to celebrate. No mention of Neal Peart and not a word about Frank Zappa’s many musical incarnations that featured some serious drummers.

With a nod here and there to jazz traditions, Count Me In provides little more than cursory mentions of legends like Art Blakey and Max Roach, amounting to little more than an “honorable mention.” Reggae is introduced briefly, mainly to highlight how bands like the Police and the Clash incorporated its influence. World music is mentioned only once, without discussing the enormous impact that African musicians have contributed. Afro-Cuban and Brazilian music are ignored completely, and it’s as though funk never happened. 

Count Me In Trailer

While a documentary of only an hour plus length could hardly be comprehensive, the omission of these traditions (along with any other European groups and Middle Eastern styles as well) is disappointing. While it's worth watching for fans of classic rock, this documentary is a missed opportunity.

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