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Blue Note Records Celebrates 85 Years

Kristine England

Jan 14, 2024


January 6 is a date that will live in infamy for Americans, but it’s also associated with a much happier anniversary. Blue Note Records was founded on January 6, 1939. The iconic label is celebrating its 85th year with special releases, a tour from the latest “all-star” group of current musicians on the roster, Francis Wolff photography, wall art of classic album cover art by Reid Miles, and more. Blue Note has a special place in my heart, as well as IM partner Rosie G. from We both worked at the label during an anniversary year which was also filled with tributes to the founders and artists who built Blue Note’s enduring legacy.

I read that Paul Weller created a top 10 list of his favorite releases for his podcast, and that got me wondering…could it be time for a new IM listicle? I’m going to have a think on what that would look like.

So keep an eye out for that, and wish Blue Note a very happy birthday. Maybe get some new vinyl while you’re at it.

"Favela" by Ike Quebec

Here's a sneak peek at the album that will top the list.

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