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Elephant Stone

Kristine England

February 21, 2022

Blue Surface

J'aime la musique psychédélique. I remembered enough from high school French to write that myself (though I had to double-check the accents). Elephant Stone’s new mini-concept album (in EP form), Le voyage de M. Lonely dans la lune, may just inspire me to brush up a bit more because it’s full of groovy, sonic delights, and sweetly sad pandemic-inspired ballads (“Solitude”). The songs explore a storyline around “a hermit who is very content in his solitary world, until a world event happens that causes everyone else to stay home as well...sound familiar?" according to frontman Rishi Dhir.

Dhir was a member of Montreal’s The Datsuns, which morphed into the High Dials. Leaving in 2009, Dhir formed Elephant Stone to continue his Indian-infused psych-rock journey with synths, guitars, and sitars. The group has released several albums and EPs since its inception.

"M. Lonely"

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