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Kristine England

October 24, 2022

Blue Surface

Ready for some Belgian metal? Brutus is back with its third studio album, Unison Life. Members of the group played in various bands in Leuven, Belgium before finally gravitating to one another to form a trio. Playing music labeled post-hardcore, post-metal, math rock (?), among others, the important thing is that it’s music for people like their rock intense, dramatic, and loud.

Vocalist/drummer Stefanie Mannaerts provides a lot of the drama, with a voice that can effortlessly change the vibe from introspective to anthemic. Guitarist Stijn Vanhoegaerden and bassist Peter Mulders round out the trio, bringing layers of depth to the group’s aural environment, from “spacey ambience to echo-y western-shirt doom to wiry spirals of metallic hardcore to primitive folk to Middle Eastern mysticism without a hitch.” Metal Injection.

"What Have We Done"

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