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September 2023

Kristine England

Sep 30, 2023

Explosions in the Sky


The instrumental post-rock group from Texas has released its latest album, End. It sounds like a soundtrack to a non-existent movie: drama, sweeping, and expansive. Clash notes the foursome’s “colossal sonic landscapes and huge dynamic shifts…carrying a crushing beauty.”


Dead Feathers

Full Circle

You can’t go wrong with a band that sounds like a heavy psych version of Fleetwood Mac with a powerhouse vocalist who has been compared to Grace Slick on more than one occasion. Chicago’s Dead Feathers has released its follow-up to its 2019 debut, All is Lost. The album takes the listener on an evocative and emotional aural journey from start to finish.


Lathe of Heaven

Bound By Naked Skies

The members of Lathe of Heaven are veterans of Brooklyn’s music scene -- alumni of bands like Pawns, Porvenir Oscuro, Android, and others. When they got together in 2021, they began building a following through live performances and a self-recorded demo. Having spent the last two years honing their synth-goth sound, they’ve released their debut, Bound by Naked Skies. My first hearing reminded me of Clan of Xymox with a harder edge.


Dominique Fils-Aimé

Our Roots Run Deep

Québécois chanteuse made a splash when she first appeared on the Canadian version of The Voice. She subsequently released a trio of albums exploring Afro-American music (blues, jazz, and finally soul), earning her a Juno Award for Vocal Jazz Album of the Year. She’s returned with an album that traverses the same territory with a dynamic, modern yet soulful approach

FEATURED TRACK: "Our Roots Run Deep"

Lillie Mae & Family

Festival Eyes

Nashville native Lillie Mae practically grew up on stage, first performing in the group led by her father, The Forrest Carter Family Band. She’s been singing and playing her fiddle ever since, working with Jack White, appearing on late-night TV shows, and keeping true to her traditional Americana/Country roots along the way. Following in her father’s footsteps, she’s got a “family” of her own and has released her fourth album.

FEATURED TRACK: "Festival Eyes"


Anches En Maat

Portland, OR’s instrumental group Grails has been experimenting with sounds and textures for more than 20 years, still driven by founders guitarist Alex Hall and drummer Emil Amos. Throughout its existence, the band has been influenced by a myriad of bands and forms, from Led Zeppelin to Brian Eno, and borrowing from cultural traditions as far-flung as Turkey. The group’s first release since 2017 moves from emotional to inspirational to mesmerizing.


Eric Hilton

Corazón Kintsugi

Thievery Corporation’s Eric Hilton has once again collaborated with Argentian singer Natalia Clavier on his latest record. Their musical relationship began in 2008 when Hilton produced Clavier’s debut album, Nectar. Since then, she’s worked with the Hilton and his partner Rob Garza on both Thievery Corporation’s recordings and performances. Corazón Kintsugi offers bossa nova, electronica and more for the listener with an eclectic palette.


The Vaughns

Egg Everything

The Vaughns, from the NYC tri-state area, have released their first full-length album since their 2019 debut, F.O.M.O. Thematically, the indie-pop group forged ahead with an old idea -- to create their version of a mixtape. The concept freed them up to explore a variety of moods and tempos. The group had worked with engineer and producer Joe Reinhart (Hop Along) on the 2021 EP,  rom-coms + take-out, and enlisted his services once again. The album’s title is inspired by an NYC staple, the bagel.


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