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September 2022

Kristine England

Sep 30, 2022


At the Hotspot Remixes

Here’s another chance to embrace the glory of Warmduscher, courtesy of Yard Act, Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard (both recently featured here on IM), and others. Celebrating the raunchy “freakshow called Warmduscher,” (Yard Act’s words ring true) with new versions of Hotspot gems like “Twitchin’ in the Kitchen” and more.

FEATURED TRACK: “Greasin' Up Jesus” (Yard Act Remix)

Madison Cunningham


California girl Madison Cunningham started playing guitar in her father’s church at the tender age of seven.  Later, with influences like Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell, she began to write folk songs, releasing Who Are You Now and the EP, Wednesday, both nominated for Grammys for Best Folk Album. During the pandemic, she worked on her latest, Revealer, which Americana Highways calls “her deepest record yet.”


The Deer

The Beautiful Undead

Continuing in the folk vein, albeit a bit more on the pop side, is The Deer.  The Austin quintet makes self-described “cosmic indie folk” using synths, fiddle, mandolin, electric, acoustic guitars, and slide guitars along with piano, upright bass, mellotron and gorgeous vocals from Grace Rowland.

FEATURED TRACK: "I Wouldn't Recognize Me"

Danielle Ponder

Some of Us Are Brave

Glide Magazine has dubbed singer/activist Ponder “a new vocal powerhouse.” The former public defender is a fierce champion of Black feminism, beautifully depicted in the video for the title track. After performances in New York, LA, and music festivals over the past year or so, the buzz has been building about this soulful, forceful singer.

FEATURED TRACK: "Some of Us Are Brave"

Molly Lewis


If you weren’t aware of competitive whistling, listening to Molly Lewis is a good introduction. Lewis spent her youth split between LA and Sydney and along the way became enamored of the art of whistling. She has some famous fans who’ve been enamored too, including John C. Reilly and others, who sometimes join her onstage during her lounge act, Café Molly.

FEATURED TRACK: "Miracle Fruit"

The New Mastersounds

The Deplar Effect

Back with their 17th album of jazzy, bluesy funk, the UK band convened at its new studio in Troll Peninsula, Iceland to bring warmth to the icy realm, recording The Deplar Effect, which once again kicks off with an homage to the Meters.




LUCI brings some heaviness to trip-hop with the featured track, “Gnarly,” and doesn’t leave out the attitude. “Really I’m just doin’ my thang. Never gave a fuck what folks saying,” she sings, and you know she means it. Juvenilia was two years in the making while she collaborated with a variety of artists, including producers  Elias Abid and Edmund Irwin-Singer.


Marisa Anderson

Still, Here

Playing an assortment of guitars, instrumentalist Marisa Anderson’s latest outing is heavily influenced by folk and classical music, with some distinct Spanish guitar flavors as well. Pitchfork raves, “ Her clear and straightforward lines, her warm and sympathetic tone, carry the dignity, regret, and faintly glimmering hope of redemption at the center of each tale. Without a word, she sings.”

FEATURED TRACK: "Tip of the Day"

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