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November 2023

Kristine England

Dec 1, 2023

Move 78


Move 78 spends its studio time improvising then cutting up, rearranging, and augmenting its sound with strings, woodwinds, and horns to create something quite mesmerizing. At times very jazzy and at others evocative electronic soundscapes group forged its signature sound by experimentation. The band’s name is inspired by a famous AlphaGo match between a computer and Lee Sedol, who beat the machine with an inspired move that completely stumped the machine.

FEATURED TRACK: "Storms Of Our Grandchildren"

Sarah Davachi

Long Gradus

Composer Sarah Davachi fashioned Long Gradus to be played by different instruments combos and the result is compelling. Performed by Quatuor Bozzini, the composition is divided into pieces for strings, brass and organ, choir and electronics, and woodwinds. Each interpretation has unique qualities and is a fascinating illustration of how one piece of music can be greatly altered by adaptation.

FEATURED TRACK: “Long Gradus Excerpt” (strings)

Big Something


Big Something from North Carolina released its seventh album. The sextet combines electronica, jazz, funk, and metal influences to create something special. I’m usually highly critical of Bowie covers, but their version of “Moonage Daydream” is solid. The band will spend the next several months on tour crisscrossing the states. You can bet they can deliver a great live show.

FEATURED TRACK: “The Mountain”

Lol Tolhurst x Budgie x Jacknife Lee

Los Angeles

A project featuring double drums from the likes of Budgie (Siouxie and the Banshees) and Lol Tolhurst and produced by Jackknife Lee was sure to elicit attention. But adding guests like the Edge, LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy, Arrow de Wilde and IDLE’s guitarist Mark Bowen ramps up the intensity. “It’s a glorious bag of technicolour sound that bursts into life from the start.” (Louder Than War)

FEATURED TRACK: ”Uh Oh” (feat. Arrow de Wilde and Mark Bowen)

Hilary Woods

Acts of Light

Dark and foreboding, the ambient music on Acts of Light evokes dangerous journeys with droning synths, strings, and voices. The Irish composer’s latest work is a far cry from her days as the guitarist for the indie band JJ72. She is an evolving artist who creates compelling sonic vistas.

FEATURED TRACK: “Where The Bough Has Broken”

Ritual King

The Infinite Mirror

Ritual King was conceived in Manchester, UK in 2016 as an exploration of influences like metal, progressive rock, and psychedelia. The trio first released an EP,  Earthrise, in 2018 followed by an eponymous full-length debut. On its latest release, the group offers up “constantly shifting atmospheres, evolving melodies, and heavy riffs.” (Distorted Sound)


Yawning Balch

Volume Two

Released just five months after the precursor, Volume One, the second volume of Yawning Balch’s heavy psych journey is a dreamy exploration of moods in just three long songs. Desert rock stalwarts Yawning Man are joined by Bob Balch on these projects, which grew from a jam session in Joshua Tree, CA. Distorted Sound was effusive in its praise, observing “ The meandering and constantly evolving track takes you to some wonderful places in your imagination.”

FEATURED TRACK: "A Moment Expanded (A Form Constant)"


Long Is The Tunnel

Music has always been a part of Anna Beckerman’s life since childhood. Her father music professor father and her mother studied opera. Her stage name (also her middle name) is one she shares with her Russian-Jewish grandmother. Exploring her roots on her debut album, her “baroque indie rock” (DIY) with her emotion-laden vocals on full display. Paste Magazine was so impressed, it was chosen as “Album of the Week” upon its release.

FEATURED TRACK: “Challenger Deep”

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