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November 2022

Kristine England

Dec 1, 2022

The Pretty Reckless

Other Worlds

NYC’s The Pretty Reckless has released four studio records over the course of its 15 year run. The band’s latest release, Other Worlds, is a compilations of re-worked tracks from those albums plus cover of songs by Elvis Costello, Soundgarden and Bowie.



Black Box

In 2019, singer and guitarist Justin Benlolo made his vision for a new band a reality. He wanted “all of the elements of rock ‘n’ roll that I respond to—big guitars, big drums, and big vocals.” The group’s eponymous debut was released in 2020. Now the four-piece is back with Black Box, “This is modern hard rock done up right.” (Rock & Blues Muse)

FEATURED TRACK: “Under The Knife”

Hundred Watt Heart

New Unknown

"Captain" Kirk Douglas  is best known as the guitarist for The Roots. Here, under the name Hundred Watt Heart, he’s released his second solo album. A groovy, funky affair with incredible percussion and killer riffs, “A cinematic, 7/8 cocktail of funky rhythm work and syncopated wah stabs, [“We Can Be One” is] one of the best guitar tracks we've heard thus far…” (Guitar World)


Ezra Collective

Where I’m Meant To Be

The celebrated quintet released its second album this month, and it has not surprisingly garnered rave reviews. The Guardian accorded the record five stars, raving, it’s “an exceptional album that centres joy and community, radiates positivity and youthful abandon.”


Tom Skinner

Voices Of Bishara

Sons of Kemet co-founder Tom Skinner has had a pretty spectacular 2022. In addition to his collaboration with Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood on the Radiohead-adjacent project The Smile (A Light for Attracting Attention), All About Jazz deemed his live in the studio recording, Voices Of Bishara (with other London luminaries Shabaka Hutchings and Nubya Garcia), as one of the top three jazz albums of the year.


Breanna Barbara

Nothin’ But Time

NYC’s Brenna Barbara has released a groovy, retro psychedelic surf record that is right up my alley. Her latest record is “anchored by her forceful vocals and unforgettable songwriting [and] sporting a sound that feels classic and of-the-moment at the same time…” (Tinnitist)

FEATURED TRACK: "Diamond Light"

Jim Keltner, Mike Watt, and Mike Baggetta

Everywhen We Go

Jazz guitarist Mike Bagetta has teamed up again with Jim Keltner ("the leading session drummer in America" -- Dylan biographer Howard Sounes), and bassist Mike Watt (yes, the same Mike Watt from the Minutemen) to produce a new record the Jazz Journal calls a “brooding, filmic set recalling Hank Marvin, Bill Frisell, Ry Cooder and Marc Ribot.”

FEATURED TRACK: "Everywhen We Go"


Oslo Park

Norway’s all-female four piece, VEPS hit the stage when the ladies were still in their teens. After releasing a couple of singles, and 2021’s Open the Door EP,  the group offered its full-length debut this month. Oslo Park is replete with “unadorned guitars and ooey-gooey pop hooks at the center of every chorus” (Far Out). This band is one to watch!

FEATURED TRACK: "Mooney Tunes"

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