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May 2024

Kristine England

May 31, 2024

David J.

Tracks From the Attic

Bassist and singer David J. (of Bauhaus, Love & Rockets and sometimes Jazz Butcher fame) has released a three CD/LP set looking back on his decades-long career. Culled from 20 years of demos, the tracks offer a new view into his clever songwriting. I’ve always appreciated his wry humor, and now I can hear more of it! The featured sums up the feelings I often have listening to new music, jaded person that I am.

FEATURED TRACK: “Oh No! Not Another Songwriter!”

Brian Eno, Holger Czukay, and J. Peter Schwalm


Eno working with Holger Czukay of Can is infinitely irresistible to me. Combining the sensibilities of both artists plus Eno’s longtime collaborator, German composer J. Peter Schwalm, the trio performed live together just once. Captured here are tracks from that storied 1998 performance, with music you’d expect from pioneers of avant-garde, electronic music, and probably some surprises as well.


Milo Korbenski

When You Gonna Tell ’Em the Truth, Aaron?

Enigmatic solo artist Milo Korbenski hails from Brighton. Appearing masked in public, he seems to relish his anonymity. Yet his clever wordplay and catchy tunes are certainly memorable. I wonder if he’ll ever be unmasked.

FEATURED TRACK: “Booksmart Hunny”

Tony Njoku

Last Bloom

Tony Njoku is a British-Nigerian musician whose delicate melodies are instantly alluring. Most of the songs on this seven-track EP are instrumental, but each evokes a mood of its own.


The FMs

Pink + Black

Synth-heavy post-punk rock takes me back to the 80s. But unlike so many current bands visiting a decade they didn’t experience firsthand, NYC’s The FMs write sassy and biting lyrics to accompany their extremely hooky music.

FEATURED TRACK: “We’re All Bad Girls”

Lip Filler


J. Bernardt


Jinte Deprez is best-known as a member of Belgian band, Balthazar. Working as J. Bernhardt, the singer has released his second solo album, Contigo (Spanish “with you).  A stylish account of a breakup, songs run through the gamut of emotions accompanied by music that is captivating and soulful.



Back to Shilmarine

Bristol, UK’s Haal is an exciting new band. Their post-industrial rock exposes the member’s musical influences and past projects (metal, electronica, and shoegaze, among others) to create a distinct and compelling sound. It will be fascinating to watch this band as it progresses.

FEATURED TRACK: “To Be a Machine”

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