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January 2024

Kristine England

Jan 31, 2024

Folly Group

Down There!

Folly Group is not playing the same game as other post-punk bands, incorporating Afrobeat, trip hop and art rock rather than track after track of the earnest guitar-laden style so prevalent in many indie rock bands at the moment. The full-length debut from the E. London foursome is “a head-scratching yet awe-inspiring batch of material.” (Clash)

FEATURED TRACK: “Strange Neighbour”

Bolts of Melody

Film Noir

Shoegaze trailblazer Adam Franklin (of Swervedriver) has released a soundtrack without a movie. It’s an album of many swirling sonic textures. Franklin has many guests to create the diversity of sounds and moods, including guitarist J. Mascis and singer/actress Sukie Smith.

FEATURED TRACK: “Church Scene”


What an enormous room

IM partner Rosie G. featured Torres a few months back, and I’ve been eager to hear her new record. Born in Orlando, Mackenzie Ruth Scott has been making music under her musical moniker Torres for 13 years now. Her latest record finds her continuing her musical progression, from rockers to contemplative “multilayered, luscious-yet-intimate arrangements and a lot of ringing void.” (Pop Matters)




Fu Manchu’s Bob Balch is back with another compelling project (for those who love metal). Slower is a collection of Slayer songs slowed waay down, in doom/heavy psych style rather than the thrash of the original tracks. ation that yes, it IS what I think it is. Get ready for some long jams. “War Ensemble'' is more than twice the length of the original. Balch is joined by stoner rock stalwarts Scott Reeder, Peder Bergstrand, Laura Pleasants, and Amy Barrysmith.

FEATURED TRACK: “South of Heaven”

Goth Babe


Griff Washburn, working under the name Goth Babe, has been on a journey of self-discovery that eventually led him to the sea. Lola is the name of both his debut album and the sailboat he and his dog call home. His psych-electro-pop feels like an appropriate accompaniment to a simple life on the waves. Goth Babe also tells his story in a documentary of the same name.


Dylan John Thomas

Dylan John Thomas

Dylan John Thomas releases a debut album that belies his young age, probably due to the challenges of his childhood in care (the equivalent of the foster system in the US) and the struggles that come with ADHD. His music has a maturity and confidence that proclaim his resilience, with a strong grasp of pop songcraft and lyricism.


Angry Blackmen

The Legend of ABM

The Chicago duo brings intensity and an abundance of experimentation to its industrial rap. Quentin Branch and Quentin Branch express the challenges of life in America with unflinching candor. The music has a noisy metallic darkness that is striking and unsettling. This isn’t meant for blasting out of your car while you’re rollin’ down the street, but it’s certainly fascinating.


Jango Flash

Jango Flash

Jack Angus Golightly who didn’t intend to start a band. His initial project was an experiment but when it started to get attention from BBC Introducing, he kept going, eventually forming the five-piece that became Jango Flash. Self-described “kamikaze pop,” guitars and synths are front and center on the latest single.

FEATURED TRACK: “Deeper Thrill’

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