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February 2024

Kristine England

Feb 29, 2024

Devon Ross

Oxford Gardens

From high-fashion model to indie rocker, Devon Ross is on a fascinating trajectory. Garnering the attention of Thurston Moore, Devon’s demos revealed an exciting new artist. Releasing her debut EP, Oxford Gardens, on Moore’s Daydream Library Series is fitting as Ross was clearly influenced by Sonic Youth. It’s refreshing to hear a female artist who doesn’t sound like an auto-tuned damsel in distress like many others her age. She’s on a path to icon status if she keeps this up.


Shadow Show

Fantasy Now!

A first impression of Shadow Show brings to mind an edgier version of 80s girl bands like the Bangles or the GoGos. The garage rock guitars and psychedelic overtones are reminiscent of the 60s too. The Detroit trio brings both nostalgia and a great deal of fun.

FEATURED TRACK: "Mystic Spiral"

Solar Eyes

Solar Eyes

This Birmingham, UK duo forges a sound that brings elements from different decades to create tunes that get their hooks in you with swirling synths and guitars. After releasing three EPs, Glenn Smyth and Sebastian Maynard Francis have released their eponymous full-length debut replete with “technicoloured tunes that stretch across acid-dipped sonic landscapes and blissed-out melodies” (Maximum Volume Music).

FEATURED TRACK: "(At Least)Paranoia Loves You"



Orgōne released its first album in 2001, but the band’s music seems like it’s been around for decades longer. Harkening back to the classic funk of the 70s, the LA band has seen a lot of personnel changes over 15 albums, with the latest, Chimera, resplendent with infectious grooves.

FEATURED TRACK: "Lies and Games"

Eric Hilton

Sound Vagabond

Thievery Corporation’s Eric Hilton has released another solo album of dreamy trip-hop. Calling the record “a sonic travelogue,” the aptly titled is a collection of gently grooving soundscapes. “Sound Vagabond is more a travelogue of the mind.  Think instead of a James Bond movie, but not the action scenes; the bars, the lounges, the late-night intrigue.” (A Closer Listen)

FEATURED TRACK: "Sound Vagabond"

Les Amazones d’Afrique

Musow Danse

This all-female collective was formed in Mali and celebrates women’s voices from around the continent. Not just a musical enterprise, the group’s mission is to effect social change, namely gender equality and ending ancestral violence, this multigenerational ensemble is effusive in its love of music from the African diaspora. You don’t need to know the words to get the message.



Blood Moon

Known as the “housewives of heavy metal” the all-female thrash band Meanstreak rock harder than most of the boys in the biz.  Three of the members married members of Dream Theatre and formed their own group in the mid 80s. The band took an extended hiatus but reunited to release Blood Moon, proving they still got it!

FEATURED TRACK: "Giant Speaks"

The Paranoid Style

The Interrogator

Jaunty is the word that comes to mind while listening to the featured track from The Interrogator. Both a music critic and singer-songwriter, Elizabeth Nelson is a particularly in-the-know artist, leading the group with husband Timothy Bracy. Critically acclaimed since releasing their 2013 debut EP, The Power of Our Proven System, Nelson’s fellow critics remained just as impressed as in the beginning, lauding the records’ blending of rock with “literary flair” (NPR), “crisp execution” (Pitchfork), and “the supremacy of human-generated art is found in the unadorned, ramshackle appeal (Flood).

FEATURED TRACK: "Last Night in Chicken Town"

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