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February 2023

Kristine England

Feb 28, 2023

Ibex Clone

All Channels Clear

Formed by a trio of veteran Memphis musicians (Ex-Cult, NOTS and Hash Redactor), George Williford (vocals/guitar), Alec McIntyre (bass) and Meredith Lones (drums/vocals) have released the band’s second album, All Channels Clear, a pop-tinged post-punk effort with a sound that harkens back to 80s Brit groups like the Chameleons.

FEATURED TRACK: “There Is No Light”

Sunny War

Anarchist Gospel

LA’s Sunny War has absorbed many genres in her career: punk, blues, country, and more. The self-proclaimed Folk Punk artist brings her unique sensibilities to Americana/Roots music with her latest album, Anarchist Gospel. Rolling Stone lauds thework as “a powerful statement from a singer-songwriter poised to become one of the year’s most vital voices in roots music.”



Taken By Force

Some refreshing punk rock is always welcome. Melbourne, AU’s CIVIC’s second album, Taken by Force, was produced by Rob Younger from the iconic Aussie band, Radio Birdman (the name of which was taken from a Stooges song) - a man with a proper, punk pedigree himself. Buzz notes, “we are moved to consider if there is something in the nation’s collective marrow that prompts their bands to rock this effectively, this often.” If true, it’s something to celebrate.



Segue to Infinity

Edward Larry Gordon, known as Laraaji, is an American musician with an extensive discography. Studying music composition and piano at Howard University, he went on to play in jazz-rock groups before embracing Eastern mysticism in the early 70s. His acquisition of a zither transformed his approach to music, and an encounter with Brian Eno (who produced his 1980 release Ambient 3: Day of Radiance) solidified his ambient sound with additional Middle Eastern instruments and sensibilities.



Optical Delusion

The English electronic duo Orbital dropped its tenth album in February.   Brothers Phil and Paul Hartnoll have been making music together for over 30 years, since their earliest efforts recorded on their father’s four-track machine.  Formulated during the depths of the pandemic and recorded not long after it receded to its present state, “Optical Delusion is a poignant depiction of the most claustrophobic time of our lives. It’s an album that acknowledges the trepidation we all felt, whilst paving a way forward.” (Clash Magazine)




Formed in Boston and based in Brooklyn, Model/Actriz is a conjuring of punk-dance-noise sorcery that seems as much performance art as mere music. Document Journal attests, “a Model/Actriz show is like a liturgy, and Cole Haden is its preacher, his sacred texts built from the unexpectedly resonant experiences of everyday life.”

FEATURED TRACK: “Crossing Guard”

Philip Selway

Strange Dance

The Radiohead drummer has released his third solo album, Strange Dance. It’s been nearly a decade since he last branched out on his own. Clash Magazine calls it “a bewitching song cycle that thrives on atmosphere and sonic minutae” and Far Out notes, “the album follows a more textured, atmospheric thread than his previous projects.”

FEATURED TRACK: "Check For Signs Of Life"


Food for Worms

South London’s Shame is back with its third album, Food for Worms. Working with producer Flood (PJ Harvey, Nick Cave), the group seems like it’s grown up a bit, moving forward from its initial post-punk sounds to incorporate melodic moments and more mature vocals without sacrificing its enduring energetic appeal. 

FEATURED TRACK: "Fingers of Steel"

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