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December 2021

Kristine England

Dec 31, 2021

Jesse Cook


The award -winning producer, composer, and guitarist Jesse Cook released his 11th studio album this month, showcasing his Spanish guitar in partnership with Algerian musician Fethi Nadjem. Nadjem is known for his talents on guitar, mandolin, and violin.


Marissa Paternoster

Peace Meter

The frontwoman of the New Jersey group Screaming Females made her solo recording debut, highlighting her voice with somber and beautiful ballads. "...beautiful vocal performances and relaxed pace. The emotional effect rings just as loud as her heavier work, and it proves that Paternoster is far more than her six strings." (Pitchfork)


Mike Block


A member of Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road Ensemble, Block's solo cello compositions are haunting expressions of his "vital rich-hued solo playing" (New York Times). The record is an assemblage of performances recorded live in a Brooklyn warehouse. Nearly every track is named for a celestial object, thus the apt album title.

FEATURED TRACK: "Alpha Centauri"

Nils Frahm

Old Friends New Friends

German pianist and composer Frahm spent many pandemic days excavating his archives to compile some of his favorite solo pieces, released on his new label LEITER. "This is a subtle, introspective album that encourages us to listen to the minutiae as much as the whole picture." (Pitchfork)

FEATURED TRACK: "4:33 (A Tribute to John Cage)"

Johnny Marr

Fever Dreams Pt 2 EP

The former Smiths guitarist describes this track as a tribute to his fans "'...who are interested in me and listen to me. Even if it’s just for the five minutes of people listening to the song, to galvanise this idea of ‘us’." Marr collaborated once again with James Doviak (guitar, keyboards and backing vocals). Part 1 was released in October, and with this release "’s shaping up to be the best of his solo career to date." (Louder Than War)

FEATURED TRACK: "Lightning People"

Small Jackets

Just Like This!

Some palate-cleansing "boogie rock and roll" from Italy for you.

FEATURED TRACK: "Midnight Town"

Fela Kuti

Vinyl Box Set #5

Settle in for this 25 minute plus version of "Original Sufferhead" with four minutes of lost material, showcasing Fela’s exceptional keyboard stylings. The tracks were chosen by Kuti's son  Femi  a well-known and respected Afrobeat musiciain in his own right, and Coldplay's Chris Martin, of all people. The covers have been painstakingly recreated from the original vinyl pressings.

FEATURED TRACK: "Original Sufferhead"

Jeff Parker


Chicago's ownTortoise guitarist has ventured out on his own forth the third time with this record, using looping techniques to create evocative solo guitar compositions. "...a meditative gem that breaks with the more fully fleshed out style of his two previous outings." (The Guardian)


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