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San Francisco Botanical Gardens

Nestled in Golden Gate State Park, San Francisco’s Botanical Gardens is a place where you can luxuriate in a natural setting, with 55 acres of flora to soothe your weary soul.

The Gardens feature plants, trees and flowers from every locale on the globe, made possible by San Francisco’s mild, foggy climate. The Cloud Collection spotlights rare and endangered plants from South and Central American rainforests.  Some of the other habitats include the Mediterranean, the Magnolia Collection, and the Redwood Grove (try lying down on one of the benches and just staring up into the boughs of these giants for a spell). There are other geographic and climate themed areas to peruse. Be sure to stroll through the Succulent Garden, but remember to proceed carefully.

When you’ve gotten your fill, you can visit the delightful Japanese Tea Garden just across the street.  Get some refreshment, meander through lush greenery, and watch the fish swimming about in lovely pond before you return to the bustle of the city.

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