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Trenary Outhouse Classic


Trenary Outhouse Classic

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan has some unique traditions. One of the most unconventional is the Trenary Outhouse Classic. Yes, it’s an outhouse race.

Pitting challengers against one another in different age groups, the Outhouse Classic is an annual tradition in the town of Trenary, MI in the heart of Da Yoop. 

The outhouses are constructed using any material one can imagine: wood, plastic, crates, cardboard, and anything else the contestants can fashion. They are placed on skis and powered down the “track” by a pair of contestants.  Different age groups compete, from “Little Stinkers” to “Old Farts,” and people come from far and wide to participate and join in the fun. Some contestants use the event to raise money for charity.

Each year, the race has a new theme. In addition to the race, the event hosts additional contests like best fur hat and best mullet.

Trenary Outhouse Classic

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