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KD England


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I began collecting records during my adolescence and continued to explore a variety of musical styles, an exploration that continues  I had once believed my collection was sizable, but I discovered that it was dwarfed in comparison to those of people  I met over the years. In the beginning, I loved classic rock but ventured into avante-garde territory as I delved into the music of Fripp and Eno. Later, I gradually discovered the allure of 70s funk. When I landed a job at Blue Note Records, I possessed only two jazz LPs in my library and very little knowledge, but I left with a deep appreciation for hard-bop and funky jazz. 

Time in the business left me jaded, though, so it was a huge surprise when I teamed up with Rosie G. to develop The Rosie G.spot, a hub for her showcase of independent artists. I had spent years excavating the past, but she brought me back to the present. It is with renewed fervor that I approach the thing I most love in the world, not as a player, but as a listener and fan.


This site is not going to feature the latest pop sensations or empty trends. Instead, the focus will be on interesting artists, from performers, designers, producers, engineers and more -- the people who created music that is: Indispensable.

Photo: Some of my well-worn LPs.